Develop A Cat House

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  • Cat dwellings will not only avert your cat from wandering too much, it also serves as a spot where your cat is protected and kept warm during those peaceful nights. By doing this, you don't spend so much time hunting all around your area wondering where your pet has fallen asleep. Giving your cat a permanent abode is always a good thing.

    If your kitty is anything like mine, they decide that they want to go outside minutes before you want to go to bed. How many times have you stood there late a night shouting for your cat to come home so you can lock the house up and take your weary body off to bed? You stand there waiting for your much loved cat to come home because you don't want to leave them out all night in the cold and rain. I know from personal experience it's hard to fall asleep when you're aware that your cat is outside in the rain and cold while your snuggled up in bed, especially in the winter. How many time do you get up and go to the back door to call them in? Eventually you'll reluctantly give up and hope your cat is fine and has found somewhere warm and safe for the night.

    The title of this article is “are you living like a lion or a house cat”. I bet you are wondering what do I mean by that. Well when you think of a house cat, what comes to mind? A mild mannered animal who spends their day sleeping, chasing anything that moves and eating when they feel like it. You can almost picture the image of a fluffy grey tabby cat curled up on a pillow sitting next to you purring contently without a care in the world. Of course unless you hate cats, and in that case I give you my deepest apologies, but cats do make better examples than dogs in this case. I will try for dogs next time. Sounds good doesn’t it?

    Outdoor cats need protecting, just like your indoor cat. Therefore, an insulated cat house is a superb way of caring for your kitty without smothering them and forcing them indoors when they don't want to be there. It will protect your cat from not only the elements, but other animals and, even if your budget doesn't stretch to a cat mansion with some platforms even the most simple cedar cat house is waterproof, warm and strong. It is just the safest place for your cat to relax while it's not inside your home.