Outdoor Cat Houses - The Perfect Retreat for Your Cat

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  • To make sure of this, I strongly suggest that you build a house that's a bit cozy. An abode that's too roomy will not serve your pet well during cold months and a house that's too small can be pretty uncomfortable for your pet. The house has to have just about enough space for your cat to move about.

    Cat's like to look out over their environment so if possible place your outdoor cat house off the ground. They also love to feel secure so having your outdoor cat kennel in the middle of the lawn where your kitty might feel like it can be attacked from all angles is probably not a good idea. Place outdoor cat houses in a corner or near a wall, this will help your cat feel more secure and should shelter them from the worst of the bad weather if they get caught out in a very bad storm.

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    As humans, we have an instinctive nature within ourselves to relieve our bodies of normal functions within the confines of privacy, and we are taught that there is a proper place to do this. Dogs, however, do not come with any built-in mechanisms which teach them when and where to relieve themselves. It is up to the owners of these pups to basically "potty train" them, and this is what we call "housebreaking."